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your files are stored securely secure online file storage


 With a FileXchange account your files are stored securely online with daily backups  - using the latest technology aimed at keeping your data safe and accessible only to those you select. Rather than send bits of your data across thousands of servers, your files are kept intact on our servers at our Datacentre, behind multiple hardware firewalls ...



At FileXchange Security comes first!

Secure Servers
Daily Backups
Data Integrity
Multiple Firewalls




create multiple users secure file transfers


 FileXchange allows you to do much more than just store your files online. You can create multiple users within your account, which allows you to assign (share) files you upload to any given user, and send instant notifications with every action you perform.

Keeping your file transfers secure

At FileXchange we understand not only the importance of storing files securely, but also the importance of secure file transfers.

Secure account management and our stand-alone servers go a long way in ensuring files are shared and transferred securely across the web.



With FileXchange you stay in complete control  no file ownership or copyright issues


 There are plenty of other services offering supposedly easy file transfer for large files across the web. Our service is about security and ownership. Any file you upload through FileXchange remains yours, and can only be accessed by you and your clients - and NEVER expires ... Remember, if the service is 'free' - you are the product. With FileXchange you stay in complete control.



Why FileXchange is the right choice for business:

Website integration - operate seamlessly from your site!
You are in control
No Expiry date on files!
Easy Management



start using FileXchange today! get started today


 Register and start using FileXchange today! Our standard package starts at 5GB of storage with easy upgrade if you need more space.  

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